Bridal Shower Cake

­It is customary to have a cake at your bridal shower, and the cake can also double as your bridal shower centerpiece. The bridal shower cake can coordinate with the bridal shower theme, the wedding colors, or even with one of the bride's favorite hobbies. As with the wedding cake, there are countless options for choosing the perfect bridal shower cake for you.

Here are some bridal shower cake pictures to help you get an idea of what cake design will be best for your shower:

Pink Bridal Shower Cake


pink bridal shower cake


Tiffany's Bridal Shower Cake



Rose Bridal Shower Cake

Rose Bridal Shower Cake

Wedding Dress Bridal Shower Cake


Lingerie Bridal Shower Cake



Unique Bridal Shower Cake


Chocolate Bridal Shower Cake

Chocolate Bridal Shower Cake

Bridal Shower Towel Cake



Bridal Shower Cupcakes



Beach Bridal Shower Cake

beach bridal shower cake


Frog Bridal Shower Cake

frog bridal shower cake

Other Bridal Shower Cake Ideas



blue bridal shower cake


A bridal shower cake can be simple or it can be extravagant. The most important thing is to pick out a cake that both the bride and her guests will really enjoy. I hope that these bridal shower cake pictures have helped give you some great ideas.