Bridal Shower Decoration Ideas

­Decorations are the perfect, finish­ing touch to every bridal shower. Bridal shower decorations can be elaborate or simple and inexpensive depending on your budget. If you are having trouble finding the right bridal shower decorations, don't worry! We have plenty of bridal shower decoration ideas for you.

Picking out a bridal shower theme is one way to pull your bridal shower decorations together. It is also a cute idea to find bridal shower decorations that correlate with your theme. For example, if you are having a hawaiian themed bridal shower, you could could use fresh fruit, decorative palm trees, and leis for your bridal shower decoration. Here are some more bridal shower decoration ideas:

* Balloons: You can buy balloons that match your color scheme or bridal shower theme. Balloons are an inexpensive bridal shower decoration, but at the same time they look very classy.

* Flowers: You could buy fresh cut flowers (which can be a bit pricey) or you could even buy silk flowers to save some money. You could also decorate with a topiary or bonsai tree.

* Ribbons, Streamers, Banners, & Toole: These are all inexpensive items that make perfect bridal shower decorations.

* Party Lights: These make the perfect decorations for both inside and outside bridal showers.

* Pictures of the Bride and Groom: Placing pictures of the bride and groom around the room will add a nice finishing touch to all bridal showers.

* Centerpieces: A bridal shower centerpiece also makes a great decoration for your bridal shower. Here are some ideas for picking out the perfect bridal shower centerpiece.