Ideas for Great Bridal Shower Favors


As with wedding favors, it is customary to give out bridal shower favors as a memento and as a thank your for guest attendance. If you are worried about your budget, donít worry, there are lots of bridal shower favors that you c≠an give that are very inexpensive. As the host of the bridal shower, you get to pick out the bridal shower favors, but you should still choose something that the bride will like. Also, if you have chosen a specific bridal shower theme, you can choose bridal shower favors that correlate with it. Here are some cute bridal shower favor ideas:

1) Scented bath soaps along with small glass soap holders.

2) Flower seeds. You can place the seeds in a small, decorative flower pot.

3) Gourmet jelly beans. Who doesnít love candy?

4) Stuffed animal such as a teddy bear or rabbit. These are always cute

5) Scented candles. These can be small votives or if you have a larger budget, you can larger candles for each guest.

6) Engraved wine glasses. Have each guestís name engraved on a wine glass

7) Coffee beans and a coffee cup. Place a small bag of coffee beans inside of a cute coffee cup. You could tie some ribbon around the handle for extra effect.

8) Small picture frame. You could place a picture of the bride and groom inside as well.

9) Chocolate truffles. Everyone loves chocolate!

10) Small bottles of wine. You could also give out a wine glass with the wine bottles.

11) Christmas ornaments. This is the perfect favor if your bridal shower is around Christmas time.

12) Bracelets. Tasteful yet inexpensive beaded bracelets make a great bridal shower favor.

13) Spa Items. This can be something bubble bath, lotion, or bath oils.

14) Small, potted plants. This is a cute idea for a garden themed bridal shower.

No matter what your budget, there are many different options for finding the best bridal shower favors for you, and we hope we have given you bridal shower favor idea for your bridal shower!