Bridal Shower Food Ideas and Suggestions

Picking the perfect bridal shower food is the key to hosting a great bridal shower. There are many different things that can influence what type of bridal shower food you decide to serve. For example, the time of day, the location, the number of guests and your budget will all influence what type of food you serve at your bridal shower. If you are on a fixed budget, you may just want to have simple appetizers or finger foods. If you have a large budget or are planning a nice, sit down dinner, you may choose to serve more elaborate bridal shower food.

It is a good idea to plan your bridal shower menu and have all of the food ready ahead of time so you are prepared when your guests arrive. It is up to you whether you wish to prepare all of the bridal shower food alone or if you want to ask the guests to bring something of their own for everyone to share. Here are some easy bridal shower food ideas:

Hors d'oeuvres and Snacks:

* Candy (ex: chocolate or jelly beans)

* Fruit

* Cookies

* Chips and Dip

* Fresh Cut Veggies

* Finger Sandwiches

* Cheese and Crackers

* Pretzels

* Nuts

* Stuffed Tomatoes or Mushrooms


* Cheesecake

* Cookies

* Fruit Tray

* Cupcakes

* Ice Cream

* Chocolate Cake

* Brownies

Drinks and Beverages:

* Iced Tea

* Soda

* Coffee

* Wine or Champagne

* Beer

* Frozen, Mixed Drinks