Fun Games for Everyone At Your Bridal Shower!

Games are a great way to break the ice at a bridal shower and get people to mingle and have a fun time. Are you having a hard time deciding what games to play at your bridal shower? Don’t worry! We have plenty of bridal shower game ideas to help you plan the perfect bridal shower. There are many creative bridal shower games out there, so check these out and decide which ones you think will work the best for your bridal shower.

Clothespin Bridal Shower Game: Each person clips a clothespin somewhere on their shirt or clothing. If you hear another person say the word “bride” you get to take their clothespin. The person with the most clothespins at the end of the bridal shower wins a prize.

Name that White Stuff: Put 10 different white substances in Ziploc baggies and have the guests try and guess what they are. For example, baking powder, powdered milk, or sugar. See which guest can get the most correct. This is a good idea if you are having a kitchen themed bridal shower.

Animal Mates: Have the guests try to match the female and male names for different animals. For example a rooster and a hen

Find Hubby’s Feet: This is a really cute idea for those to throw a couples bridal shower. Have all of the men at the bridal shower take off their shoes and line up. Blindfold the girls and tell them to find their husband’s feet.

The Newlywed Game: This is another idea for those who are having a couples bridal shower. Come up with some questions that will really test how well a couple knows each other. The couple that gets the most questions right about each other wins a prize.

Who Knows the Bride Best? : Come up with at least 10 questions that will test how well each of the guests really knows the bride.

What Flavor is it? : This game is played using jelly bellies. Pick out about 10 different flavors and have the guests taste the jelly bellies and try to guess what flavor they are. You can get really creative by picking out more unusual flavors such as ear wax, burnt popcorn, or margarita.

Secret Word: Pick out a secret word and write it down. Tell all of the guests that there is a secret word and that the person who says it first will win a prize. For example, the word can be “honeymoon”.

Wedding Word Scramble: Scramble about 20 different wedding related words and have your guests see who can unscramble them the fastest.

Guess the Smell: Put 10 different smelling items in to cups and cover them with foil. Poke holes in the top so that the guests are able to smell what is inside without being able to see what it is. You can use things such as pepper, paprika, or other spices. The guest who can guess the most items wins.

Balloon Pop: Blow up balloons and place a small strip of paper inside each. One piece of paper will have the bride’s name on it and all of the others will say something like “No prize for you!” Pass out a balloon to each of the guests, and tell them to pop it. The person that has the balloon with the bride’s name in it wins.

Recipe for Happiness: Give each guest a piece of paper. Tell them to write down what they think is the recipe for a perfect marriage. Place all of the papers in to a box and read them one by one. Have the guests try to guess who wrote each one.

Purse Treasure Hunt: Have all of the guests sit down with their purses. Tell them that you are going to call out an item and that the first person who pulls it out of their purse wins. You can start out with an easy item such as car keys or a driver’s license, then move on to more difficult things such as tweezers or a toothbrush.

There are countless different bridal shower games to choose from, and we hope our suggestions will give you some ideas to plan the perfect bridal shower! For more fun bridal shower game ideas feel free to check out the site below: