Cute Theme Ideas for Your Bridal Shower

­Here are some cute ideas to help you plan the perfect bridal shower theme!

Wine and Dessert Bridal Shower: This is a fun and simple bridal shower theme. As the host, all you need to do is buy some different wines and desserts. This gives you and the girls some time to relax and indulge. Another version of this is the wine and cheese themed bridal shower.

Lingerie Themed Bridal Shower: All of the guests bring the bride to be lingerie.

Kitchen Bridal Shower: All of the guests bring a gift to the bride to help her stock up on all of the new kitchen items she will need for her new home. This bridal shower theme idea is perfect for a bride who is a chef or simply loves to cook!

Garden Themed Bridal Shower: Have your bridal shower in the garden and enjoy the outdoors. You can hand out packets of seeds for bridal shower favors and decorate the tables with flowers in watering cans. If you wish, the guests can all bring gifts to help the bride get her garden started.

Stock the Pantry Bridal Shower: All of the guests bring a recipe and the ingredients needed to make it.

Stock the Bar Bridal Shower: This is a variation of the stock the pantry bridal shower theme. All the guests bring items to help the newlywed couple stock their bar.

Month of the Year Bridal Shower: Each guest is assigned a different month of the year. They bring a gift for the bride that corresponds with their month. This way the bride has different gifts that she can use all year.

Favorite Memories Bridal Shower: Each guest brings something that symbolizes a past memory with the bride. This is a sweet, sentimental bridal shower theme idea where everyone gets to sit and share their memories with the bride to be.

Room of the House Bridal Shower: Each is assigned a room of a house and brings the bride a gift that she can use for that particular room. This is a great bridal shower idea to help the bride fill up her home with her new husband!

Christmas Ornament Bridal Shower: Each guest brings a Christmas ornament for the bride and groom to use for their first Christmas together.

Pajama Themed Bridal Shower: Each guest comes dressed in their pajamas. The night is spent giving manicures, pedicures, facials, and just relaxing and having girl time.

Couples Bridal Shower: This is a fun idea for a bride who wants her husband to be to attend her bridal shower. Have all of the guests invite their spouses or partners.

There are also cute bridal shower favors and bridal shower gifts that go hand in hand with some of these bridal shower themes.