Engagement Announcement Etiquette: Who Should Know First

Congratulations! Now that you are officially engaged, its time to celebrate! Iím sure that you have lots of friends and fa≠mily that you are dying to share the exciting news with, but there are certain rules of engagement announcement etiquette. Wedding etiquette can sometimes be very confusing, but donít worry; we will explain everything you need to know about engagement announcements.

Here is the proper order in which you should announce your engagement to your family and friends:

1. Your children. If either of you already have children from a previous relationship, it is important that you tell them first. Your marriage will affect your children more than anyone else, and it is important that they feel included in the process.

2. Your parents. Make sure you tell both the brideís parents and the groomís parents as soon as possible. They will probably be upset if you tell your friends before you tell them. It is always best to do your engagement announcement in person, but if your parents live far away, a phone call will suffice.

3. Your grandparents, siblings, and other relatives. You could throw a dinner party or barbeque and share your engagement announcement with all of your family members at once. If this is not possible, it is always ok to make a phone call to share the good news with your family members.

4. Your close friends. Now that you have made your engagement announcement to all of your family members, it is ok to let all of your friends know. It is perfectly acceptable to make a phone call or send an email to let them know.

5. Engagement Announcement Wording: If you are planning on mailing out engagement announcements, you can check out our article on engagement announcement wording and also see some of our engagement announcement samples.