Choosing a Groom's Cake He Will Love


A groom’s cake is a smaller cake that represents the groom’s personal taste or interests.Some popular groom’s cake themes are sports, hobbies, and colleges or universities. For example, if the groom loves baseball, the groom’s cake could be in the shape of a baseball or a baseball bat, or if the groom loves to go fishing, you could have a groom’s cake in the shape of a fish or a boat. Traditionally, the groom’s cake is made with the groom’s flavors since the cake is meant to be for him, but it is customar­y for the groom’s cake to be fruit or chocolate flavored.

It is up to the bride and groom to decide if and when they want to serve the groom’s cake. There is no set rule for this. Some couples choose to keep the groom’s cake for themselves to enjoy after their honeymoon. Others may choose to share it with the wedding party or even serve it along with the wedding cake at the reception.

If you need some help thinking of some groom’s cake ideas, check out some of our groom’s cake pictures.

Football Grooms Cake


Fishing Grooms Cake


Poker Grooms Cake


Chocolate Grooms Cake


Coors Beer Grooms Cake


Car Grooms Cake


Guitar Grooms Cake



Soccer Grooms Cake


Aggie Grooms Cake


Now that you have seen a few grooms cake pictures, you may have an idea of the perfect groom's cake for your groom to be. As with any aspect of the wedding planning process, take your time and find something that really fits the groom's personal taste and that he will really love.