How to Plan a Long Distance Bridal Shower

It can be very difficult to plan a bridal shower when the bride’s friends and family are spread across the country. D­espite the distance, it is still possible to throw a great bridal shower for the bride to be. This is starting to become a frequent problem with bridal showers today. It is very common for a bride and groom to live far away from family and friends, and as a host of a bridal shower, it is up to you to have a bridal shower that many guests can attend. There are a few options to help you solve your long distance bridal shower problems. For example:

You could have the bridal shower just one or two days before the wedding when guests who live far away will already be in town for the wedding. Make sure to check with the bride before scheduling a bridal shower to close to the wedding. She may not have enough time to have a shower along with making final wedding plans.

Another solution is that you can ask all of the bride’s family and friends that live far away to send a present or a gift basket through the mail to the host of the bridal shower. The host can then present these gifts at the bride’s local bridal shower.

If it is just not possible for the bride’s family and friends to attend, it is still acceptable to send them a bridal shower invitation to let them know that you are thinking of them. Make sure they know that you are not just trying to get a present from them, but that you just want them to feel included.