Romantic Marriage Proposal Ideas

So you have made the decision to marry the love of your life, picked out the perfect diamond engagement ring, and are read­y to start planning the perfect marriage proposal. Now what?

Need a few ideas to help you jump start your planning for your romantic marriage proposal? Don’t worry! We have a number of creative and unique marriage proposal ideas in order to help you create the perfect proposal.

1. Take a hot air balloon right before sunset. Bring some food and some wine or champagne. Right as the sun sets, pop the question. This is a truly romantic marriage proposal idea that she is sure to love and remember for the rest of your lives.

2. Bring her a bouquet of flowers. Place the engagement ring inside one of the petals where she can see it, or tie it with ribbon to the stem or a vase.

3. If she is an animal lover, you could bring home a new puppy or kitty. Tie the engagement ring to its collar or a bow.

4. This is a more elaborate proposal idea that will take a lot of creativity and planning, but it is sure to impress both her and her family. Send your future wife on a scavenger/treasure hunt. When she reaches the end, she will find you and the engagement ring!

5. Create a path for her to follow with candles or rose petals. When she reaches the end, she will find you on bended knee! This is a very romantic proposal idea.

6. This is a creative marriage proposal idea for special occasions such as holidays, her birthday, or your anniversary. Wrap the engagement ring in a series of boxes each one getting bigger. As the opens the boxes one by one they get smaller and smaller until she finds the engagement ring in the smallest box.

7. Here is a simple yet romantic proposal idea. Cook her a romantic candlelit dinner at your place. You can propose during dinner, desert or even tie the engagement ring to the stem of her wine glass.

8. Take her to your favorite restaurant. You can make arrangements ahead of time to have the waiter place the engagement ring on the desert tray for her to see. A more creative idea is to have the waiter write in chocolate syrup, “Will you marry me?” on her desert plate.

You do not have to spend a lot of money on your proposal. It is truly the thought that counts. Every wedding proposal is different, but as long as you put in time and effort, it will be one of the most special moments of your life. You can also check out some of our marriage proposal tips.