Tips and Advice for Creating the Perfect Marriage Proposal


You will never forget the mo≠ment you propose to your future wife and neither will she, so it is important that you make it memorable! Here are some tips for you to ensure that your marriage proposal is perfect.

1. Talk about marriage first. It is important that you and your significant other have discussed marriage and your plans for the future. Marriage is a commitment that should not be taken lightly or rushed in to, and make sure this is what you both want. A marriage proposal should never be a complete shock to your mate.

2. Make sure she is surprised. Even though you have openly discussed your plans and wishes to be married, the actual proposal itself should be a surprise. Try to keep the marriage proposal a secret from your friends and family as well so that there is no chance that your girlfriend will find out ahead of time.

3. Ask her parents permission. It is traditional to ask the brideís father for permission before asking her hand in marriage. Since we are in the 21st century now, it is respectable to ask both parents permission. Check out some other wedding traditions.

4. Pick out the perfect engagement ring. Your wife will wear her diamond engagement ring for the rest of her life, so it is important that you pick out a quality diamond ring that she will really love. Donít just settle for the first engagement ring you see. Learn how to pick out a quality diamond, different types of diamond engagement ring settings, anddifferent diamond shapes. It is important to do your research when picking out a diamond engagement ring.

5. Ask her if she wants to pick out her own engagement ring. Some women are very picky about the jewelry that they wear, so you may want to take her shopping with you so you will know what type of ring that she will like.

6. Pick a personal location that means something to you. You could go to your favorite restaurant, the place where you had your first date, or take her on a vacation. Be creative!

7. Spend lots of time planning the big moment. Plan, plan, and plan some more! The more time you put in to your romantic marriage proposal, the better it will be. Rehearse what you want to say to her so it will come out smoothly. Need a few ideas to help you get started? Check out these creative marriage proposal ideas.