Bridal Shower Gift Basket Ideas

Are you having trouble coming up with a good bridal shower gift idea? Then bridal shower gift baskets are the perfect solution for you! Gift baskets allow you to stay away from traditional bridal shower gifts such as a toaster or blender, and they are certainly more creative and thoughtful. Here are some cute ideas for bridal shower gift baskets:

Romance Basket – fill this basket with lotion, perfume, lingerie, a blanket, and some sparkling cider or wine. This is everything the newlywed couple needs for a romantic evening alone together.

Kitchen Basket – This is the perfect bridal shower gift basket idea for a bride who loves to cook! Also, this gift idea would be great for a kitchen themed bridal shower. Fill the basket with pasta, herbs, some sauces or dressing, pot holders, a potato peeler, or any other kitchen accessories.

Sweet Tooth Basket- This is a great bridal shower gift basket for a bride that loves sweets! Fill the basket with her favorite candies, chocolates, cookies, and snacks.

Beauty Basket – Fill this basket with makeup, skincare products, lotions, manicure and pedicure set, perfumes, and nail polish. The perfect gift for the beautiful bride to be!

A Day at the Spa Basket – Fill this basket with lotions, face masks, soap, bubble bath, incense, candles, spa treatment products, or a gift card to a local spa­. This bridal shower gift basket is sure to help the bride relax during this hectic wedding planning time.

Hobby Basket – What are the bride’s hobbies? Painting, gardening, quilting, or doing stained glass? Fill the basket with various accessories and supplies to help her with her favorite hobby.

Tool Kit Basket – Just because she is a woman, does not mean the bride to be does not need tools of her own! Fill this bridal shower gift basket with things such as a small tool box, a hammer, scissors, a screwdriver, and any other tools she might need around the house.

House Warming Basket – Fill this with decorative pillows, decorations, picture frames, blankets, and air fresheners. This bridal shower gift basket has everything the bride needs for her new home!

Memories Basket- Fill this gift basket with picture frames, photo albums, a guest book, a journal, scrapbook materials and any other sentimental items that the bride can use to create wonderful memories.