The Perfect Wedding Cake!


The wedding cake is a ma­jor part of your wedding reception. Cutting the cake symbolizes the first task that the bride and groom perform as a married couple.In recent years, the wedding cake has become more about style and personal taste.

Wedding cakes prices can vary greatly, and depending on your wedding budget, you could get an expensive, designer wedding cake, a simple, traditional wedding cake, or even save money by baking your own wedding cake. It is also becoming a trend to have wedding cup cakes instead of a traditional wedding cake.There are countless options for finding the perfect wedding cake for you!

It may be helpful for you to look at a picture of a wedding cake to help you can an idea of the type of designs you like.The more you explore your options, the easier it will be to find the wedding cake of your dreams.Also, if you find a picture of a wedding cake that you like, you could bring it to a baker to show them what you are looking for.

Aside from picking out the wedding cake design you like, you will also need to pick out a wedding cake topper. These come in a variety of different shapes and styles and are the perfect addition to your wedding cake.

If you are on a tight budget, we have a few tips on how to save money on your wedding cake.One way to do this is by baking your own wedding cake.Check out our wedding cake recipe!

It is also customary to have a grooms cake. These are usually smaller than the wedding cake and are often decorated with something that represents the groom's personal tastes such as his hobbies, favorite sports team, etc.