Weddding Cake Prices


The wedding cake is a t­raditional part of the wedding reception, and wedding cake prices are constantly going up. In order to find a wedding cake that fits your budget and personal tastes, you need to know the average price for a wedding cake and the different factors that determine wedding cake prices.

There are numerous factors that can affect the price of a wedding cake, but the biggest factor is the size of the wedding cake. Wedding cake prices are determined from the number of pieces in the cake, and each piece can range from $2 for a simple wedding cake to over $15 for a designer wedding cake.

Other factors that determine wedding cake prices are:

Number of Flavors: If you want to have multiple flavors in your wedding cake, the price will increase.

Icing: Whipped cream frosting or butter cream icing are the least expensive options. Fondant icing can be used to create elaborate designs and is considerably more expensive.

Shape: Square wedding cakes are typically more expensive because they require more work from the wedding cake designer. Creating the perfect sharp edges is more difficult and time consuming. Also, wedding cakes that are wacky shapes are also quite expensive. A round wedding cake is a much cheaper option.

Type of Cake: Sponge cake is the least expensive wedding cake option. Cheesecake and pound cake are more expensive options.

Cake Flavor: Basic flavors like chocolate, vanilla (white), marble, and red velvet are typically less expensive. You could also choose a more expensive, gourmet flavor such as mocha or tiramisu. Flavors like German chocolate and carrot cake are medium priced cakes.

Filling: Wedding cake fillings such as fruits, nuts, or liqueurs are much more expensive than basic fillings.

Time and Difficulty: Another major factor in the price of a wedding cake is the difficulty and length of time it takes to make it. Wedding cakes with elaborate designs and multiple tiers will be priced much higher than a simple wedding cake.

Wedding cake prices are constantly on the rise, but if you explore your options and do your research, you should be able to find the perfect, affordably priced wedding cake for you!